First of all, I want to thank Tom for his recommendation to move the little squair switch on the back of the f510 rom x input to driect input.
I now can play out back and have tested it out on Troopanum as well.
The bad news is that I have to move back and forth via the left hand stick instead of the right hand stick. Which is the stick I'm still having problems with.
For TDV though.
I'm still having the same old problem with the right hand or starberd stick.
To steer I have to pull the stick forwards and backwards instead of left or right, and for the speed, to increase the speed I pull the stick to the left and to decrease the speed I pull the stick towards the right. So I'm still in the same boat, I now just have two f510 gamepads doing the same problem instead of one.
Thanks for the help.
Now off to Physical Therapy for my feet and balance.
Ron and current Leader Dog boz who states "that a service dog beats a cane hands down any day of the week."

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