On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 5:04 AM, john allspaw <jalls...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey all -
> Wondering if there's ever been any talk about serving up the interactive port 
> info via REST?

I am kinda working on this already although not in the form of a
ganglia patch, but as an external application that pulls data out of
ganglia. The reason for this being that I don't want to be dependent
on ganglia and that it's easier to aggregate other sources of
information not to mention development time since I can use python,
but this is more of a personal choice since I'm not fluent in C.

> http://gmetad.hostname:8652/WWW/www1.flickr.mud.yahoo.com/apache_procs_busy/
> (and all of the other stuff you can get from the interactive port)
> I'd bet that all of the requests to bolt-on alerting mechanisms would go away 
> if other alerting/escalation tools could get the real stuff out of ganglia, 
> too. :)

this is the reason why I offered that multi-item patch so that I could
write  smarter monitoring checks able to account for complex scenarios
(depending on environment apache_proc_busy itself is much less
relevant than apache_proc_busy + incoming_connections +

> Thoughts?

my main worry is ganglia getting too complicated and offering
something that is not entirely related. This code would end up in
gmetad making the server more complex and prone to errors and possibly
harming data aggregation since I guess it'd be running in another
thread.  I haven't thought this through, but one idea I considered was
to employ another host to run gmetad-python which would allow an
easier creation for a rest interface or even a different backend
engine to say store data into a database which then you would build
your REST service on top of. That said I appreciate the benefits of a
built-in interface, the speed benefits and the reduced number of
dependencies on other components.

thanks for bringing this up, definitely interesting topic

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