recently we added better monitoring for our ganglia infrastructure and
one of the checks for gmetad contacts it on port 8651, looks for some
XML string and exits (receiving 20+ MBs of xml every time we run the
check isn't an option). The 'exists' part means sending a RST before
gmetad has sent all data which causes root_report_end() to fail with
subsequent message 'server_thread() %d unable to write root epilog'
being logged. Is it really necessary to log an error message if the
client goes away early? after all it's not ganglia/gmetad
malfunctioning or anything, and we could still keep that for debug
mode. If that makes sense to you the one line patch is below.


Index: server.c
--- server.c    (revision 2058)
+++ server.c    (working copy)
@@ -639,7 +639,7 @@

-               err_msg("server_thread() %d unable to write root
epilog", pthread_self() );
+               debug_msg("server_thread() %d unable to write root
epilog", pthread_self() );


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