On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 9:48 PM, Jesse Becker <haw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The "GUID discussion" I refered to was if gmond/gmetad should be
> rewritten, top-to-bottom, to use GUIDs instead of relying on DNS/IP
> addresses.  My understanding is that everything would have use them,
> including the .rrd files underneath.  That is, IMO, a big overhaul.
> Adding aliasing is theoretically a smaller change, that I think works
> within the existing code.  This is what I'm proposing to
> add--something simple, and inexpensive to implement, but hopefully
> useful to many people.
> Thus, I see it as separate, but perhaps complementary/related.

I see, makes sense. well, I think that until rrd comes up with a way
to store arbitrary text/info inside a rrd file[1] we're better off
naming the rrd files in a user defined/expect way otherwise manual
interaction with the rrd files becomes impossible. Anyway, that's
indeed another discussion and personally I'm all for this alias patch.
As to Rick's comments I believe they are only valid if we assume that
the string representing a host should be its ip or the fqdn resolving
to it, which I think is one of the many problems this alias patch is
meant to solve (instances on EC2 or with multiple interfaces are a
pita if things rely on ips/PTR for identification).

what do we need next? people compiling gmond with this patch and testing?

[1] I've seen that discussion coming up in several instances on the
rrd ML and never go anywhere because of some big change that
apparently would be necessary to implement that feature correctly.

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