Before I tell you.. I first have to ask *not to post anything to Facebook,
Twitter *or anything about this for now, because I am trying to surprise my

First.. I need to thank Darlene, Cathy and Jeannine in particular because I
drove them crazy a little bit through this process because, well if you
know me, I can get a lil OCD.

If you follow me on facebook..  you probably noticed some cryptic posts and
thought I was losing my mind posting things like "110 days and no word".

Well...  As of today it has been 163 days and the count can cease...
because I have officially been accepted to the University of Florida.  Not
sure what semester I will start yet, but probably the Summer semester.  We
will see.

I wanted to share this with all of you guys before most other people find
out because I have known most of you for a good while now and I dont think
I have to tell you what this means to me.  I should add.. my acceptance is
conditional .. meaning there are some classes I likely have to finish,
etc.  They said in the email that my official letter is on the way.

So thats my lil announcement.  Go Gators.  Beat the Vols.


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