Saw that during the broadcast. Didn’t see the players with the figurine, just 
the fan. 

The beads looked orange and blue to me. I guess it depended upon the lighting; 
I've seen red look grey and yellow white.

It was a cat skeleton. We were playing the Missouri Tigers. I took it to mean 
that the fans wanted us to kill the Tigers.

It’s a bit of a reach to think that someone brought a totem to a game against a 
team with a feline mascot, but meant for it to be a slight against a different 
team that we won’t play for 6 weeks.


> On Oct 17, 2016, at 11:04 AM, JunoGator <> wrote:
> Your bizarre story of the week: Florida fans apparently brought a “Halloween 
> cat” figurine — as the university later described it — to the Missouri game, 
> and a pair of players were photographed messing around with it on the 
> sideline. The problem? It seemed to be a pretty clear jab at LSU 
> <>
>  after the death of tiger mascot Mike VI.

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