------- Comment #12 from jellegeerts at gmail dot com  2010-08-31 20:59 -------
Sorry Andrew, misinterpreted some things you said. I understand now that you
meant that normally everything should work as expected.

So, perhaps then this bug report is at least sort of valid? It seems that to
get `-Wuninitialized' to *fully* work, one would need at least `-O1'?

It seems to me, that if that is the case, and the user has not specified *any*
`-O'-like option on the command-line, GCC should warn, since it's probably the
user's intent to get a *fully* working `-Wuninitialized' option? If however,
the user did specify `-O0', perhaps GCC should assume the user has knowledge
about GCC not being able to warn about every case?



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