--- Comment #24 from Cesar Strauss <cestrauss at gmail dot com> 2010-09-24 
04:19:19 UTC ---
The wxWidgets build enables precompiled headers on MSVC by default, while the
GCC build does not use them. As it turns out, this setting affects the object
size on MSVC. When I disabled precompiled headers on MSVC, the object sizes
increased, although the final DLL size did not change much. Both cases were
built with -O2 and without debug information.

Object size in bytes for wxWidgets file src/common/any.cpp:
MSVC, precompiled headers enabled:   314515
MSVC, precompiled headers disabled: 2889844
GCC,  precompiled headers disabled: 1080971

MSVC version: 2008 Express
GCC  version: 4.5.0

At the very least, this indicates one should disable precompiled header use
when comparing the output of both compilers, as Dave suggested on comment #23.

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