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  I'm going to be working on a patch in this area in the next few weeks (I want
to make the dllexport/dllimport attributes work on C++ namespaces), and I can
probably do something about this issue while I'm in there anyway.

  Before I put a bunch of time into that, however, I'd like to see actual
diagnosis of what's in the different .o files so that I know that I won't be
wasting my time, e.g. what if the extra emitted functions is actually only
contributing 10% of this growth in file sizes and the other 90% comes from
debug info or EH tables?  If something like that did turn out to be the case,
then the effort would be wasted as the new option wouldn't actually solve your
link-time problems anyway.

  So I would like to see some proper detailed analysis on object files
establishing exactly what constitutes all this bloat and where it comes from
before I commit to what might be the wrong path of action.

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