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> Sorry, but I do not completely agree with this assessment. If you run
> objdump -h <object> | c++filt
> you will see that 4.4 still generates one section per method, not per class
> (the name of the method is reveled by c++filt).

This is somewhat off topic but unfortunately (MinGW) c++filt doesn't work for
me, e.g.:

% echo '.text$_ZNK17wxMBConvUTF16Base11GetMBNulLenEv'|/mingw/bin/c++filt.exe

I don't know what could be wrong with it but, anyhow, you're right, of course,
and I was wrong (I managed to look at the classes whose methods were not used
by the object file I was checking...), sorry for misinformation and thanks for
correcting it!

> In my view, the difference is only that 4.5 emits a section for every inline
> method of every dllexported class in sight. 4.4 only emitted those which the
> code actually needed.

Yes, exactly.

> Why there is one section for each emitted inline method?

Excellent question which I'm unfortunately totally unable to answer.

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