On 09/08/2016 01:03 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
Attached is another update to the patch to address the last round
of comments and suggestions, most notably to:

 *  implement the checking of the implementation limit of 4,095 on
    the output of a single directive to allow for the Glibc failure
    due to ENOMEM (the patch issues a warning and disables the
    optimization when this happens)
 *  implement checking for exceeding INT_MAX bytes (warn and disable
 *  call set_range_info when the return value optimization is not
 *  remove code to work around tree-optimization/71831 (now on

The -fprintf-return value optimization is still disabled.  GCC
successfully bootstraps with it and most tests pass but there's
a failure in the Fortran libgomp tests that I am yet to figure
I'm just now getting back to this (sorry for the long delay). I see there's another version after this one. Did the version from 9/11/2016 address the Fortran libgomp test issue?


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