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2016-09-13  Trevor Saunders  <tbsaunde+...@tbsaunde.org>

        * emit-rtl.c (next_nonnote_insn): Change argument type to
        rtx_insn *.
        (prev_nonnote_insn): Likewise.
        * jump.c (reversed_comparison_code_parts): Likewise.
        (reversed_comparison): Likewise.
        * rtl.h: Adjust prototypes.
        * config/arc/arc.md: Adjust.
        * cse.c (find_comparison_args): Likewise.
        * reorg.c (redundant_insn): Change return type to rtx_insn *.
        (fix_reg_dead_note): Change argument type to rtx_insn *.
        (delete_prior_computation): Likewise.
        (delete_computation): Likewise.
        (fill_slots_from_thread): Adjust.
        (relax_delay_slots): Likewise.
        * simplify-rtx.c (simplify_unary_operation_1): Likewise.
        (simplify_relational_operation_1): Likewise.
        (simplify_ternary_operation): Likewise.
The arc bits are similar in nature to the sh bits in how they match on the CODE_LABEL rather than on the enclosing LABEL_REF. I think cleaning up those warts can be deferred.

OK once all prereqs are approved.

I don't see any more patches in this series in my inbox. Is that consistent with your tracking?


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