* Ian Lance Taylor:

> GCC PR 77625 is about a warning while compiling the Go frontend.  The
> Go frontend called `new std::ofstream()`, and the warning is "error:
> ‘new’ of type ‘std::ofstream {aka std::basic_ofstream<char>}’ with
> extended alignment 16".  Frankly I'm not sure how this supposed to
> work: shouldn't it be possible to write new std::ofstream()?  But the
> problem is easy to avoid, since in this case the std::ofstream can be
> a local variable, and that is a better approach anyhow.  This patch
> was bootstrapped on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  Committed to mainline.

This happens only on hppa, right?  It looks as if libstdc++ is
seriously broken there.

(The old code looks like it has a memory leak, so the stack allocation
is reasonable anyway.)

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