Here I submit for review four small extensions to the GNU Fortran
frontend for compatibility with legacy code. I figure it might be a
nice change of pace from my larger patches. Never fear, for I have
more large patches to come, which I will continue to submit

Each extension is enabled with its own compile flag, and each are
enabled along with -fdec. They are fairly self-explanatory.

1. [-fdec-feed] Treat form feed characters as whitespace.
2. [-fdec-type-print] Treat TYPE as an alias for PRINT where applicable.
3. [-fdec-loc-rval] Allow %LOC() as an rvalue, equivalent to using the
LOC() intrinsic.
4. [-fdec-logical-xor] Enable .XOR. as a logical operator.

Feel free to comment on/question/approve each patch individually as
desired. They are attached as sequential patch files for ease of
review. Bootstraps & regtests on x86_64-redhat-
linux. OK for trunk?

Fritz Reese

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