Hi David, Hi Martin,

  OK, take 3 of the patch is attached.  In this version:

  * The escaping is handled by a new class.
  * Self-tests have been added (and they helped find a bug - yay!)
  * The documentation has been extended to mention -fmessage-length's
    effect on the #-directives, and to add documentation for #pragma
    GCC error and #pragma GCC warning.  (Which appeared to be missing).

  I did try to add backslash characters to the regexp in the new testcase
  but I just could not find a way to persuade dejagnu to accept them.

  OK to apply ?

  (Apologies for the poor C++ coding - it is not my strong point.  I am
  an assembler level programmer at heart).


2018-02-09  Nick Clifton  <ni...@redhat.com>

        PR 84195
        * tree.c (escaped_string): New class.  Converts an unescaped
        string into its escaped equivalent.
        (warn_deprecated_use): Use the new class to convert the
        deprecation message, if present.
        (test_escaped_strings): New self test.
        (test_c_tests): Add test_escaped_strings.

2018-02-07  Nick Clifton  <ni...@redhat.com>

        * gcc.c-torture/compile/pr84195.c: New test.

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