On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Martin Sebor wrote:

> Bug 84207 - Hard coded plural in gimple-fold.c points out one
> of a number of warning_at() calls where warning_n() should have
> been used.  The attached patch both replaces the calls and also
> changes the signatures of the warning_n(), error_n(), and
> inform_n() functions to take an unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT argument
> instead of int.  I also changed the implementation of
> diagnostic_n_impl() to deal with unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT values
> in excess of ULONG_MAX (the maximum value ngettext handles) so
> callers don't need to.

Saturating to ULONG_MAX is not correct for languages where the plural form 
depends on n%10 or n%100 (see the various Plural-Forms entries in the .po 
files).  If n is too large you want something like n % 1000000 + 1000000 
instead to get the correct plural form in all cases.

Joseph S. Myers

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