On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, Martin Sebor wrote:

> I was also hoping to test it, either now if it's easy, or if
> it's complicated, sometime in the future but I couldn't find
> a .po file where it would make a difference.  I could have
> easily missed one but none of those I've looked seems to do
> much with the plural forms where such large numbers could
> come up.  The strings are either all empty or all look
> the same.  Do you happen to know of one where it matters

There are cases where there are more than two translations, but I don't 
have an example where such large numbers could come up (which in any case 
requires a 32-bit host, to have an unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT value above 
ULONG_MAX).  (For example, the Russian translation of "  candidate expects 
%d argument, %d provided" appears to have three different translations, 
using "%d аргумент", "%d аргумента" and "%d аргументов".)

Joseph S. Myers

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