Hello world,

the recent patch to make the gfortran and libgomp testsuites more
standard conforming, by replacing CALL ABORT() with STOP N, led
to numerous testsuite failures on nvptx because stop_numeric
was not implemented in minimal.c.

I have committed the patch below in r259072 as obvious after Tom
de Vries had confirmed that it solves the problem.



2018-04-04  Thomas Koenig  <tkoe...@gcc.gnu.org>

        PR libfortran/85166
        * runtime/minimal.c (stop_numeric): Add new function in order to
        implement numeric stop on minimal targets.
Index: runtime/minimal.c
--- runtime/minimal.c	(Revision 259055)
+++ runtime/minimal.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -187,3 +187,17 @@
+/* A numeric STOP statement.  */
+extern _Noreturn void stop_numeric (int, bool);
+stop_numeric (int code, bool quiet)
+  if (!quiet)
+    printf ("STOP %d\n", code);
+  exit (code);

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