On Wed, 4 Apr 2018, David Malcolm wrote:
> Here's the new script I've been using for converting from 
> diagnostic-color.c output to HTML spans that use gcc.css, 
> via something like:
> LANG=C gcc $@ -fdiagnostics-color=always 2>&1
>   | ./bin/gcc-color-to-html.py
> The script converts SGR_SEQ(COLOR_BOLD) to a
>   <span class="bold">
> rather than
>   <b>
> so that it can use
>   </span>
> for all SGR_RESET, without needing to track the nesting.
> OK to commit to the website (for reference)?

Oh, yes!

Really nice.  

(You may want to identify yourself as the author, "Contributed by 
David Malcolm, and would you like to contribute as "Copyright (C) 
2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc."?  Full GPL may be a bit of
overkill, but of course also a good option.)


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