Georg-Johann Lay wrote:
> This patch fixes several issues with RAMP registers:
> * On Devices with more than 64 KiB RAM, RAMPZ is used as high-byte of
>   RAM address. If RAMPZ is used to read flash, it must be reset to 0
>   after the read so that RAM-read will operate correctly in the remainder.
>   There is no support for RAM > 64 Ki so RAMPZ = 0 is in order.
> * The ISR epilogue restored RAMP* registers in the wrong order.
> * As RAMPZ is used both in ELPM and LD/LDD on some xmega core, the right
>   condition to set RAMPZ prior to ELPM is "have ELPM", not "have RAMPZ".
> * Never read unintentionally from RAM because a flash address interpreted
>   as a RAM address might point to the I/O area.
> Ok for trunk and 4.7?

The following change in expand_prologue is wrong:

-      if (AVR_HAVE_RAMPZ
+      if (AVR_HAVE_RAMPD /* sic! */

similar in expand_epilogue.

Ok without that change?

> Johann
> libgcc/
>       PR target/52461
>       * config/avr/lib1funcs.S (__do_copy_data): Clear RAMPZ after usage
>       if RAMPZ affects reading from RAM.
>       (__tablejump_elpm__): Ditto.
>       (.xload): Ditto.
>       (__movmemx_hi): Ditto.
>       (__do_global_ctors): Right condition for RAMPZ usage is "have ELPM".
>       (__do_global_dtors): Ditto.
>       (__xload_1, __xload_2, __xload_3, __xload_4): Ditto.  And make weak.
>       (__movmemx_hi): Ditto.  And fix RAM-loop label.
>       (__xload_1): Never read unintentionally from RAM.
> gcc/
>       PR target/52461
>       * gcc/config/avr/avr.c (expand_prologue): Depend save/restore of
>       (expand_epilogue): Ditto.  And fix order of restoration to:
>       (avr_xload_libgcc_p): Always load __memx by lilbgcc call on
>       big-RAM devices.
>       (avr_out_lpm): Clear RAMPZ after usage if RAMPZ affects reading
>       from RAM.
>       (avr_out_xload): Never read unintentionally from RAM.
>       * config/avr/ (xload_8): Adjust insn length.

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