Richard Guenther wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Georg-Johann Lay <> wrote:
>> Richard Guenther wrote:
>>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 4:56 PM, Georg-Johann Lay <> wrote:
>>>> Richard Guenther wrote:
>>>>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Georg-Johann Lay <> wrote:
>>>>>> Richard Guenther wrote:
>>>>>>> All commits to the 4.7 branch need explicit release manager approval.  
>>>>>>> AVR
>>>>>>> isn't primary/secondary so please do not change anything before is
>>>>>>> released 4.7.0 for it.
>>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>>> Richard.
>>>>>> What is the exact procedure in that case?
>>>>>> Wait until approve from release manager in that case?
>>>>>> Who is the release manager, and should I CC for such changes?
>>>>>> Or just hope the patch is not overseen.
>>>>> The exact procedure is to do bugfixing during stage3/4, for release 
>>>>> blockers
>>>>> that pop up after a release candidate is created (like now), CC a release
>>>>> manager (Jakub, me, Joseph) for patches that you like to get in even
>>>>> though the branch is frozen.  Usually only bugs that prevent basic 
>>>>> functionality
>>>>> (like building a target) can be fixed at this point, for everything
>>>>> else you have
>>>>> to wait until after 4.7.0 is released and the branch opens again for 
>>>>> regression
>>>>> fixes.
>>>>> Richard.
>>>> I was not aware that the 4.7.0 branch is completely frozen for the next 3
>>>> weeks; I thought the usual rules for backporting patches do apply...
>>> No they don't.  How would you expect that testing a release candidate would
>>> work if we put in any not strictly necessary changes?  That would make a
>>> release candidate quite pointless.
>>>> The patch changes only in libgcc/config/avr and gcc/config/avr
>>>> The patch does not fix a blocker in the sense that without it avr cannot be
>>>> built, but the changes are essential.
>>> Surely not so essential as that they cannot be put in place to make the 
>>> 4.7.1
>>> release then.
>> Okay.
>> In that case I'd like to add a note to the caveats section in wwwdocs
>> ./gcc-4.7/changes.html
>> that the avr-gcc 4.7.0 is not intended for public consumption and because of
>> developer shortage at least 4.7.1 should be used.
> Completely unusable?  It looks like it only affects a subset of all devices:
> "To read from flash on devices with more than 64KiB of flash"

The patch fixes more problems than indicated by log message's PR.

> It sounds like a random wrong-code bug, which do happen.

Yes they happen. But if the defect is so severe that the code is effectively
useless, the compiler is useless.

That is not a problem if it is clearly stated and people don't waste days to
set up and distribute avr toolchains that are useless. It would simply be not
fair to let them waste their time and to hold back that knowledge.

> There is just a timeframe where random fixes are not good.

This is not a problem. Just inform the potential users about the defect.

> Was 4.6.3 "intended for public consumption"?



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