> IIUC, you are annoyed by:
> +#ifndef __RTM__
> +# error "RTM instruction set not enabled"
> +#endif /* __RTM__ */

That, yes, but also

(and see PR44987)

> in the headers. Indeed, this prevents "#pragma GCC target" to be effective.
> But OTOH, intrinsics are internally implemented using code sequences
> that call various __builtin_* functions, so they require correct
> target flags to be set when #included...

... also I'm arguing to remove the target flags for the intrinsics, 
because they are not useful for things that the compiler doesn't 
auto generate on its own.

> I doubt this can be fixed in any sensible way. Maybe by adding correct
> #pragmas around header #include ?

That doesn't set the defines. I did it before, but it's extremly ugly.
In the end I just gave up and used inline assembler.


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