I would like to update the Go support on the 4.7 branch.  As I've
mentioned before, Go is working toward a stable Go 1 release.  That
release is not complete, but it is quite close.  The 4.7 branch was made
at a slightly unstable point in the process.  I've updated the library
one more time, and I've spent the week testing the result on a bunch of
Google-internal programs.  What I have now is not perfect, but it is
better than what is on the 4.7 branch today.

This proposed patch does include a library update, which is fairly
large.  However, this update should not be destabilizing.  I've tested
the 4.7 branch plus this patch on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, and I'm
preparing to test it on Solaris.

This will be the last large Go patch I will commit before the 4.7.0
release.  I may commit some small patches to fix serious bugs, subject
to approval by the RMs.

The bzipped patch is 375146 bytes, too large for the mailing list.  I've
put it at ftp://ftp.airs.com/pub/go-4_7.patch.bz2 .

OK to commit to 4.7 branch?


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