Rainer Orth <r...@cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de> writes:

> Ian Lance Taylor <i...@google.com> writes:
>> I would like to update the Go support on the 4.7 branch.  As I've
>> mentioned before, Go is working toward a stable Go 1 release.  That
>> release is not complete, but it is quite close.  The 4.7 branch was made
>> at a slightly unstable point in the process.  I've updated the library
>> one more time, and I've spent the week testing the result on a bunch of
>> Google-internal programs.  What I have now is not perfect, but it is
>> better than what is on the 4.7 branch today.
>> This proposed patch does include a library update, which is fairly
>> large.  However, this update should not be destabilizing.  I've tested
>> the 4.7 branch plus this patch on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, and I'm
>> preparing to test it on Solaris.
> Unfortunately, this patch introduced several go and/or libgo testsuite
> failures on both Solaris/SPARC and x86 on the 4.7 branch while the
> results were clean before.  I've filed PR go/52583 for this, but not yet
> investigated in detail.

Hmmm, the patch just copied code from mainline--did you see these issues
on mainline before?  I did not see these issues when I tested the patch
on the 4.7 branch on Solaris SPARC.

Unfortunately I think it may be too late to change things before the
4.7.0 release.


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