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>> It does that only in case the -g0 build would add the same locs to the
>> table.  Only the DEBUG_INSN_P setting_insn locs are there just in -g builds
>> and not in -g0 ones.

> If that's really supposed to work like so, then this is the bug, because the 
> non-legitimate expression is present only with -g and its location promoted.

It could be the case that an alternate, legitimate representation of the
same expression is used elsewhere, and at the point that goes into
cselib, the previously debug-only entry should become a regular entry in
the cselib table.

Is this what you observe?  If that's it, maybe we need to somehow mark
debug-only locs in loc lists, and get some code other than VTA to skip
the debug-only locs, or somethink like that.

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