> It could be the case that an alternate, legitimate representation of the
> same expression is used elsewhere, and at the point that goes into
> cselib, the previously debug-only entry should become a regular entry in
> the cselib table.
> Is this what you observe?

Sure, that's what I've been saying since the beginning: a legitimate (address) 
expression coming from a regular insn is equivalenced to the non-legitimate 
expression already present in the table because of a debug insn and, thus, the 
location of the latter is promoted to non-debug.

> If that's it, maybe we need to somehow mark debug-only locs in loc lists, and
> get some code other than VTA to skip the debug-only locs, or somethink like
> that. 

Do you mean getting rid of the promotion-to-non-debug-location code?

Eric Botcazou

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