> But the bitfield group _does_ start on a byte boundary.  At least
> that's what the new code in stor-layout ensures.

No, it doesn't, since it does the computation on a record by record basis.
Here we have a bitfield group that starts in a record and ends up in a nested 

> It's ok to assume the group starts on a byte boundary.  But it's not
> ok to modify bits outside of the access, so the RMW cycle has to mask
> them properly.

We have 2 options:
  1. the GCC 4.7 approach where get_bit_range returns 0 for bitstart, which 
doesn't make much sense but is in keeping with store_bit_field.
  2. the GCC 4.8 approach where get_bit_range attempts to return a more correct 
value, but is currently wrong (bitregion_start=11, bitregion_end=18) because 
the representative of the bitfield is wrong.  The real representative of the 
bitfield is outside the record type.

Eric Botcazou

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