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>> OTOH if DECL_ALIGN is absolute then if the first field of a record type has
>> DECL_ALIGN that is a multiple of BITS_PER_UNIT we know we can use
>> the present stor-layout code?  So we can check that and give up computing
>> representatives at all for a record type if that does not hold.
> I don't think so, DECL_ALIGN of a field is probably honored only if TYPE_ALIGN
> of the record is, and TYPE_ALIGN isn't honored for a bit field.

Uh.  When is a field a bit field though?  At least stor-layout.c
when local relative alignment is "proper" and the filed has an integer
mode.  That's
overly optimistic if the record is placed at a bit position.  Of
course we still have
DECL_BIT_FIELD_TYPE, but I wonder what the DECL_BIT_FIELD flag is for if
we cannot really know whether the field in the end is a "bitfield" anyway...
(what value do the various field-decls in a component-ref chain have anyway if
the real interpretation is subject to the containing object, which
might be even only
specified by the type used for an indirect ref ...)


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