> Btw, I put things in stor-layout.c exactly to allow a langhook
> eventually controlling things for the bitfield representative.
> Mind adding one that simply disables them completely for Ada?
> Or maybe, for selected record types, so that we do
>   if (lang_hooks.types.lower_bitfield_layout (rli->t))
>     finish_bitfield_layout (rli->t);
> ?  Letting the FE decide when to punt is certainly better than
> trying to figure it out from stor-layout.c code.  I suppose
> for types that are supposed to interoperate with C / C++ using
> the C / C++ rules makes sense (I suppose there is sth like
> C/C++ interoperability with Ada).

Yes, there is C/C++ interoperability in Ada.  But GNAT's policy is to be 
compatible with C/C++ by default, so I'd rather not deviate from the common 
code for such a central thing as record layout if we can avoid it.

Eric Botcazo

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