Please find the attached patch to avoid saving of EXR register for
monitor functions.

By default, in prologue code of a monitor function, EXR register is
pushed onto the stack. This implementation is not required for H8S/224x
and 21xx variants of H8S controllers. The behavior can be controlled
with option "-mno-exr".

Built compiler is only for compiling C language source code. No 
regression found with this patch.

Compiler behavior with different command line options used for 
compilation of code after applying this patch is given below:

* h8300-elf-gcc -mn -S test.c
test.c:1:0: error: -mn is used without -mh or -ms or -msx

* h8300-elf-gcc -mh -mexr -S test.c
test.c:1:0: error: -mexr is used without -ms

* h8300-elf-gcc -mh -mno-exr -S test.c
test.c:1:0: warning: -mno-exr valid only with -ms or -msx   
- Option ignored! [-mno-exr]

* Generated assembly without option '-mno-exr': 
        stc     exr,@-er7
        mov.l   er0,@-er7
        stc     ccr,r0l

* Generated assembly with option '-mno-exr':    
        mov.l   er0,@-er7
        stc     ccr,r0l

Please review the patch and let me know if there should be any
modifications in it?    

Sandeep Kumar Singh,
KPIT Cummins InfoSystems Ltd.
Pune, India

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