Hello Jeff,

Thank you for reviewing the patch.

>> First, do you have an assignment on file with the FSF

We do have a corporate assignment for KPIT.

It was signed by Bradley Kuhn from FSF side and Dhananjay Deshpande 
from KPIT side, during April 2003. In a mail, Peter Brown from FSF has 
mentioned ticket number #22417 which was associated with this corporate

However, we do not have any assignment for individuals here. Please 
let me know whether we need to get it done for individuals as well.

>> My recollection was -mint32 was supported on the original H8/300; 
>> is there something in particular that makes you want to issue an 
>> error for that case?

My assumption was based on t-h8300 file. In this file, combination of 
h8300 and int32 is not considered for MULTILIB_OPTIONS. Did I 
misinterpret it? In that case I will remove the respective hunk from 
the patch and will repost it.

>> In h8300.opt, rather than say "Push exr on stack", would it make 
>> more sense to say "[Do not] Push extended registers on stack in 
>> monitor functions"?

Thank you for this suggestion. I have made this change. Please find the
updated patch attached here.

Thanks and Regards,
Sandeep Kumar Singh,
KPIT Cummins InfoSystems Ltd.
Pune, India

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