Roman, Andrey,

Sorry for the delayed response.

It would indeed be good to have SMS apply to more loop patterns, still
within the realm of *countable* loops. SMS was originally designed to
handle doloops, with a specific pattern controlling the loop, easily
identified and separable from the loop's body. The newly proposed
change to support new loop patterns is pretty invasive and sizable,
taking place entirely within modulo-sched.c. The main issue I've been
considering, is whether it would be possible instead to transform the
new loop patterns we want SMS to handle, into doloops (potentially
introducing additional induction variables to feed other uses), and
then feed the resulting loop into SMS as is? In other words, could you
fold it into doloop.c? And if so, will doing so introduce significant

2012/3/29 Andrey Belevantsev <>:
> Hello,
> I'd like to ping again those SMS patches once we're back to Stage 1.
> Ayal, maybe it would remove some burden for you if you'd review the general
> SMS functionality of those patches, and we'd ask RTL folks to look at the
> pieces related to RTL pattern matching and generation?

It definitely would ... especially in light of the above issue.
Thanks (for your patches, patience, pings..),

> Yours,
> Andrey
> On 10.02.2012 16:15, Roman Zhuykov wrote:
>> Ping.
>> Ayal, please review this patch and these three patches too:
>> --
>> Roman Zhuykov

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