On Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:32:22 -0500
Dennis Gilmore <den...@gilmore.net.au> wrote: 
> every distro uses a unique triplet, by putting the triplet in there you
> then need to get all distros to change to using the same triplets. I
> personally prefer /libhfp rather than /libhf but I am ok with using
> either. Any change from /lib  would need us to do a mass rebuild.
> because while not 100% needed I would rather keep libraries with the
> linker. the changes to rpm to support it would be somewhat minimal. we
> have stated in Fedora though that we have no intention to support mixing
> hfp and sfp on the same system.  we really do need to ensure consensus
> for arm64 which I think should be /lib64 for 64 bit arch consistency.

Ok, I respect that, what about using the actual ABI name, ie aapcs-vfp? or 
something that includes both the architecture and the eabi, (arm-hardfloat, 
armhf, armhfp, etc), but *in* the filename (excluding the case of using a 
separate directory as it's not too popular).

Also, I'm not suggesting changing the triplet or anything, just deciding on a 
unique name for the triplet. Debian's argument is that the default multilib 
solution is not future-proof and we would prefer something that is more unique. 

Regarding /lib64 for aarch64, that's an entirely different discussion, though I 
do agree it should be also be resolved sooner rather than later as well.



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