> > This is wrong since HLE ACQUIRE/RELEASE has nothing to do with
> > C++ atomic acquire/release. You can have HLE RELEASE with C++
> > atomic acquire.
> It makes sense to combine the two. On x86 C++ atomic acquire/release
> means the compiler cannot move references outside. For HLE
> we really want the same, otherwise some of the memory references
> inside the transaction may not be transactional.
> So I think HLE_ACQUIRE should imply C++ acquire
> and HLE_RELEASE imply C++ release.

In this case, can we reverse this sentence and just emit "lock
xacquire" for MEMMODEL_ACQUIRE and "lock xrelease" for
MEMMODEL_RELEASE ? Do we need separate HLE_* defines or can we somehow
recycle existing C++11 memmodel defines?


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