>>>>> "Gaby" == Gabriel Dos Reis <g...@integrable-solutions.net> writes:

Manuel> So, in fact, libcpp is buggy for not implementing this (as can be seen
Manuel> in emacs). If/When libcpp is fixed, the column info will be correct
Manuel> for tabs. And then, one may care about printing tabs as anything
Manuel> different from a single space. But until then, a single space is a
Manuel> good as anything. In fact this is what is done in c-ppoutput.c.

Gaby> I would not necessarily say that libcpp is buggy in this aspect.
Gaby> However, I do agree that removing the tab expansion simplifies
Gaby> the code and is better.

Unfortunately I think it really is buggy.  Other GNU programs, including
Emacs, already conform to the GCS here.  Arguably the GCS made the wrong
decision, but it is already baked in all over.


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