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>>>>>> "Gaby" == Gabriel Dos Reis <g...@integrable-solutions.net> writes:
> Manuel> So, in fact, libcpp is buggy for not implementing this (as can be seen
> Manuel> in emacs). If/When libcpp is fixed, the column info will be correct
> Manuel> for tabs. And then, one may care about printing tabs as anything
> Manuel> different from a single space. But until then, a single space is a
> Manuel> good as anything. In fact this is what is done in c-ppoutput.c.
> Gaby> I would not necessarily say that libcpp is buggy in this aspect.
> Gaby> However, I do agree that removing the tab expansion simplifies
> Gaby> the code and is better.
> Unfortunately I think it really is buggy.  Other GNU programs, including
> Emacs, already conform to the GCS here.  Arguably the GCS made the wrong
> decision, but it is already baked in all over.


-- Gaby

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