Am 18.04.24 um 01:27 schrieb Mark Wielaard:
We also should make sure that all generated files (either in git or in
the release/snapshot tar balls) can be reliably and reproducibly
regenerated. This also helps the (pre-commit) CI buildbots. We already
have the autoregen bots for gcc and binutils-gdb. And Christoph has
been working on extending the scripts to regenerate more kinds of

I regenerate auto* files from time to time for libgfortran. Regenerating
them has always been very fragile (using --enable-maintainer-mode),
and difficult to get right.

If there is a better process available to do it the right way is
that is documented and easy to use, this will make work easier.

If not, it has the potential to stop the work I am planning to
contribute in a project that is about a month from starting
(and maybe stop the project altogether).

Can anybody point me towards the tools that will be the
gold standard in the future, and the reproducible way
of regenerating them?

Best regards


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