On 10/08/17 10:22, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
If you think gcc is using an unreasonable amount of memory for a
particular bit of code then please file a bug report, with pre-processed
source code (don't assume that because the sources are part of gcc we
can reproduce your setup).  You should also set the keyword "memory-hog"
on the report.  If you have statistics for older versions of the
compiler, or for other targets that will add evidence for us to look at.


I've submitted bug number 81818 [aarch64 uses 2-3x memory and 2x time of arm at -Os, -O2, -O3 (memory-hog) ]for this issue.

All gcc versions from 5.4.0 to 8.0.0 seem to be affected on aarch64.


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