* Andrew Haley:

> On 09/08/17 14:05, Andrew Roberts wrote:
>> 2) It would be nice to see some sort of out of memory error, rather than 
>> just an ICE.
> There's nothing we can do: the kernel killed us.  We can't emit any
> message before we die.  (killed) tells you that we were killed, but
> we don't know who done it.

The driver already prints a message.

The siginfo_t information should indicate that the signal originated
from the kernel.  It seems that for SIGKILL, there are currently three
causes in the kernel: the OOM killer, some apparently unreachable code
in ptrace, and something cgroups-related.  The latter would likely
take down the driver process, too, so a kernel-originated SIGKILL
strongly points to the OOM killer.

But the kernel could definitely do better and set a flag for SIGKILL.

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