I'm trying to switch from g++ 5.4 to g++ 7.2.
GDB 8.0.1 however does not understand RTTI generated by g++7.2, so my
Python scripts for GDB are not working.

Here is a code example:

struct base {  virtual ~base(){}  };

template< int IVAL, unsigned UVAL, unsigned long long ULLVAL>
struct derived : base {
    int x = IVAL + + UVAL + ULLVAL;

int main()
    base * o = new derived<1,2,3>{};
    return 0;

When compiled with g++5.4 I can read value of x in debugger.
When compiled with g++7.2   gdb reports:
warning: RTTI symbol not found for class 'derived<1, 2u, 3ull>'

Problem here is that type name saved in debug information is
*derived<1, 2, 3>*, not *derived<1, 2u, 3ull>*

Do you plan to fix this anytime soon?


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