Hello Prateek,

On Sat, Mar 03 2018, Prateek Kalra wrote:
> Hello GCC Community,
> My name is Prateek Kalra.I am pursuing integrated dual
> degree(B.tech+M.tech) in Computer Science Software Engineering,from Gautam
> Buddha University,Greater Noida.I am currently in 8th semester of the
> programme.
> I have experience in competitive programming with C++.Here's my linkedin
> profile:
> https://www.linkedin.com/in/prateek-kalra-6a40bab3/.
> I am interested in GSOC project "Implement a fuzzer leveraging GCC
> extensions".
> I had opted compiler design as one of the course subjects in the previous
> semester and was able to secure an 'A' grade at the end of the semester.
> I have theoretical knowledge of fuzz testing and csmith,that how the random
> C programs are generated to check the compiler bugs and I am very keen to
> work under this project.
> I request you to guide me to progress through the process.I would really
> appreciate if you could mentor me with the further research of this project
> idea.

I would suggest that you start with reading through Andi's email to
another student who expressed interest in that project which you can
find at: https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2018-02/msg00216.html

Andi, do you have any further suggestions what Prateek should check-out,
perhaps build, examine and experiment with in order to come up with a
nice proposal?  Do you personally prefer starting with any particular
existing fuzzer, for example?

Good luck,


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