> See above regarding looking at patches, but I guess you mean
> that the patch is trivial, so then I presume it was more or less
> the same as this, which is basically a copy-paste from looking
> at rs6000 and xtensa.  I checked a typical /proc/self/maps and
> guess that 1<<29 probably fits for MIPS o32 too:

No, Not more or less the same as a copy-paste from rs6000.
mips_asan_shadow_offset should use 0x0aaa0000 as defined in
static const u64 kMIPS32_ShadowOffset32 = 0x0aaa0000;
Maybe it is the main reason of your crash.

>-                                     FIRST_32_SECOND_64(160, 216);
>+                                     FIRST_32_SECOND_64(144, 216);
>If you (or anyone else) has a clue on the kernel-stat size
>160 vs. 144 issue, or can point out "usual suspects" when always
>getting SEGV with -fsanitize=address, I'm very interested.
struct_kernel_stat_sz was once 144 for MIPS but it changes to 160 after
this commit
Maybe you should ask llvm for help.


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