There is work ongoing to complete C++17 support in libstdc++, this
includes providing support for the C++17 parallel algorithms.

Marco Ippolito writes:

>  Hi,
> the good book "C++17 STL Cookbook" in chapter 9 "Parallelism and
> Concurrency" describes some of the 69 algorithms that were extended to
> accept execution policies in order to run parallel on multiple cores. And,
> according to the provided examples, they all greatly simplify some aspects
> of parallelization with the standard algorithms.
> I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 with upgraded gcc version 7.2.0 (Ubuntu
> 7.2.0-1ubuntu1~16.04) and the header file <execution> is not present.
> In the official gcc documentation:
> manual/status.html the support to <execution> is flagged as "no" in
> the Table 1.5. C++ 2017 Implementation Status,
> and it seems that it is even not foreseen to be included in the upgraded
> gcc 8 version:
> So, the crucial question about these 69 extended algorithms in the header
> file <execution> is:
> are these extended algorithms going to be supported by the next releases of
> gcc, as they are already supported by Visual Studio, and soon by clang ?
> Looking forward to your kind feedback about this extremely important aspect
> of gcc.
> Marco

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