On 12/07/18 16:20, Umesh Kalappa wrote:
Hi everyone,

we have our source base ,that was compiled for armv7 on gcc8.1 with
soft-float and for following input


  result = a - b ;

we are getting the result as "0x000ffffffffffffe" and with
-mhard-float (disabled the flush to zero mode ) we are getting the
result as ""0x000fffffffffffff" as expected.

please submit it as a bug report to bugzilla

while debugging the soft-float code,we see that ,the compiler calls
the intrinsic "__aeabi_dsub" with arm calling conventions i.e passing
"a" in r0 and r1 registers and respectively for "b".

we are investigating the routine "__aeabi_dsub" that comes from libgcc
for incorrect result  and meanwhile we would like to know that

a)do libgcc routines/intrinsic for float operations support or
consider the subnormal values ? ,if so how we can enable the same.

Thank you

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