Even Rouault-2 wrote
> The following works:
> gdal_translate Taustakartta_4milj.png test.gpkg -of gpkg  -a_srs epsg:3067
> -expand rgba
> gdal_translate Taustakartta_8milj.png Taustakartta_8milj_rgba.tif -expand
> rgba
> gdalwarp Taustakartta_8milj_rgba.tif test.gpkg -doo ZOOM_LEVEL=2
> Expension to RGBA wouldn't be strictly needed in theory since your 2
> rasters have the same palette,
> but in practice you have to do it.
> Even

Oh yeah, naturally by polishing with gdalwarp and -doo. I would almost say
"supernaturally". Thanks, I will remember this, and if I won't I can find it
by searching "me+asking+something+tricky".


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