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I translated a Table (Feature) of a PostGIS Database to a GeoPackage with 
GDAL. The Feature has two Linestring Geometries in the PostGIS DB. One 
geometry with exact positions of the network and one overwiew geometry 
which may have just rough positions. Often the overwiew ist just a copy of 
the exact positions, but sometimes it differs. 

After translation of the feature to GeoPackage everything seems fine, but 
in the GeoPackage I have only one Linestring geometry. It is listed in the 

My question is, which of the two geometries was translated to the 
GeoPackage? What happens to the other geometries of the feature in the 
translation process? 

I've read about the solution of the multiple geometries issue in 
GeoPackage in the GP-specification. Does GDAL support this in the 
translation process (maybe with a special option?)? 


A first solution for us was to use a View Schema, where each feature has 
only one geometry. Now I have two schemas in the PostGIS DB and they were 
both translated. Two questions about it:

- Is there a command to say which schemas to translate and which not? My 
command is now as follows:
ogr2ogr -f GPKG data.gpkg PG:"host=localhost user=user dbname=data 

I found options to select tables, but there are hundreds of tables in the 
schema I am interested in. Maybe there is an easy  possibility to say 
"take only schema x"? Did not found it in the list 

- How can I supress the building of r-tree tables? There are virtually 
thousands of them in the created geopackage. 




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