> >> Hi,
> >> 
> >> At the moment we create MVT tiles from PostGIS with ST_AsMVT to suit with
> >> the national gridset that is based on ETRS-TM35FIN (EPSG:3067) coordinate
> >> system. How difficult would you consider to enhance the driver to split
> >> and
> >> write vector tiles according to other gridsets than the Web Mercator one?
> >Not that much. But is there a standard way of deriving the tiling scheme
> >for that CRS ? I guess not. You'd probably need to manually define the
> >>coordinate of the left-corner of the tile (0,0) in the CRS and the
> >resolution of the tile at zoom level 0.
> There is actually a Finnish national recommendation about the EPSG:3067
> tiling schema. The top-left corner of the zero tile is at -548576 E,
> 8388608 N, with resolution of 8192 meters.
> http://docs.jhs-suositukset.fi/jhs-suositukset/JHS180_liite1/JHS180_liite1.h
> tml#H7

OK, I've added a TILING_SCHEME dataset creation option to define such as custom 
scheme. See 
for how to use it and how it impacts metadata.json

Note that this is only implement for file tilesets and not for MBTILES output. 
That could be 
extended for MBTILES, but I was a bit hesitant to do so to avoid 
incompatibilities with other 
(Actually by using mb-util you could create a .mbtiles from the file tileset)


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