Hi Jeremy,

> I've now added the VRT layer to QGIS 3.0 dev with GDAL 2.3dev, but it
> doesn't recognise it as a spatial layer - it just shows up with QGIS table
> icon. Here's the VRT file I'm trying to add and the result of ogrinfo:
> https://gist.github.com/palmerj/eb25a396fecc181b2da5023c70078198. Could the
> invalid geometries be causing the issue?

No, I did reproduce the issue. The reason was that the path to the mbtiles in 
the VRT was not 
tagged as relative. So either add the -relative switch in your ogr2vrt.py 
invokation, or grab its 
latest version that should now automatically set it.

> Note I can add the mbtiles file directly but then it shows all the data
> from every zoom level.

Normally only the maximum zoom level


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