On 2018-02-19 15:40, Tobias Wendorff wrote:
Am Mo, 19.02.2018, 07:40 schrieb Sebastiaan Couwenberg:
lwgeom support was disabled to untangle the circular dependency as
documented in the spatialite changelog:

 - Drop build dependency on liblwgeom-dev to untangle
   spatialite->postgis->gdal->spatialite circular dependency.

Please excuse my amateurism, but could you explain this in more detail?
I do have a certain understanding of the matter, but I've never had
anything to do with such circular dependencies.

Packages involved in the circular dependency cannot be updated because the old versions are kept around.



When performing a distribution upgrade apt will need to update libspatialite, which involves removing the old version and installing the new.

This will not be possible because gdal requires libspatialite to be installed.

Removing gdal before upgrading libspatialite is not possible because postgis requires gdal to be installed.

Removing postgis before upgrading libspatialite and gdal is not possible because libspatialite requires (liblwgeom from) postgis to be installed.

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