2018-04-08 23:01 GMT+02:00 Even Rouault <even.roua...@spatialys.com>:

> It is up to you, and your confidence in your change. There can be 3
> strategies:
> * directly push to origin (https://github.com/OSGeo gdal)
> * do a pull request if Iyou want other people to have a chance to review and/
> or have CI tests running
> * or push to your own github account so that CI tests are still run on it, and
> then merge if everything's OK
> As far as I'm concerned, I do a mix of the 3 depending on the change, my mood
> of the moment, etc...

thanks for clarification! I will choose direct push for minor changes
VFK driver probably. For rest I will use PRs. Ma

Martin Landa
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